Based on the feedback for 3rd Millenia Tattoo Design series, I created this a new tutorial: 3rd Dimension Tattoo Design.

A complete guide to applying and showcasing your tattoo designs using 3D models.

Available for instant streaming in English and Italian language versions.

This tutorial focuses exclusively on 3D modeling in Photoshop. I explain click-by-click how to prepare your tattoo designs and apply them to the 3D models, so you can understand how they will fit exactly on the body, ultimately saving you time in the tattoo appointment. Using Photoshop CS6 or later and the 3D models available on Tattoo Smart, this one-hour tutorial is your guide to quickly learn 3D techniques like how to apply designs to a texture, use the model wireframe for efficient editing, or select and move design elements in a 3D environment.

In the final part of the tutorial, I demonstrate how you can create a video using the 3D Photoshop model to show prospective clients and promote your work. Learn how to add background and logo elements, how to highlight and create dimension in your video, and how to use the video to perfect the final tattoo design.

This tutorial is discontinued

Here below the trailer and an excerpt

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