I live and work in the province of Bergamo.
All my work is based on my original drawings, created specifically for each client.
I prefer biomech, illustrative, grotesque and caricature, naturalistic, gothic, mythological and science fiction themes, and everything else that can stimulate my imagination.


The work shown in my portfolio takes time for its conceptual and artistic elaboration and execution on skin. I only show work that has been healed for at least 2/3 months because I believe it’s important to be able to evaluate the final result you will have on your body.

However, it is important to keep in mind that, although colours on a backlit screen are brighter, photographic images almost never do justice to the tattoo in real life. A static image cannot compete with the original, this applies to all art forms.


I wish to thank all the clients who have allowed me to evolve in my artistic journey.

Thanks to their diversity and conversations, made possible by the numerous sessions that work of this size requires, they have given me the opportunity to grow artistically and humanly.

I also wish to thank those who have crossed oceans but also those who have travelled shorter distances, those who have spent hours driving or on a train to reach me, giving me the opportunity to create something special for them.


I am a firm believer of the fact that the perfect tattoo is NOT an image to look for and copy from magazines, books or the internet, but artwork that must be created by expert and capable hands, while following the client’s indications and wishes.

I’ve always endorsed the idea that every human being is unique and deserves to wear unique and unrepeatable tattoos.

The artwork is the result of the artist’s interpretation, regardless of whether it comes from a personal vision or the idea of ​​a client. 

Each piece must be produced with care, talent, know-how, experience, potentially even be able to awaken something at an unconscious level, if not subconscious, but above all it must be unique and of the highest quality!

Even more so if they have to be worn by a human being for the rest of his days.

I’m aware my work is not for everyone, it is mainly large and complex work that demands several sessions, patience, concentration, time and dedication.

If you want a tattoo from me and are thinking of something improvised and quick to save time or money, you might want to reconsider your project so that we don’t find ourselves in the sad situation of having to work on something that doesn’t satisfy either of us.

I am able to provide a high quality service also for smaller work and in a shorter amount of time, as long as the final result meets the quality standards shown on this website.

Contact me to discuss your project and we will find a way to create something special that you can wear with pride.


I don’t attend conventions much because there is too much chaos, not enough time and poor concentration – both for me and for the client – to be able to work on demanding work.

Conventions are very rarely the place where you get the tattoo of your dreams. In order to best develop work of these dimensions, the initiation of new projects takes place exclusively in the studio.

My possible participation in conventions will be mostly dedicated to continue work already in progress and to preliminary meetings before starting a new project in my studio, where both of us will be more at ease thanks to the privacy and the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that my workplace offers compared to a convention.

Anyone who has already worked with me is aware of this and appreciates it a lot.


The studio is located in the Bergamo area approximately 20 minutes by car from the city center and from Orio al Serio airport (BGY), and approximately 45 minutes from Milan. A fairly strategic and easily accessible area.

Mine is a private practice, there are no shop windows and it cannot be accessed without prior notice. I work by appointment only, and since the studio is adjacent to my home, for privacy reasons address and telephone number are not provided on my website.

I will share this information with you after we’ve scheduled an appointment by e-mail.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing your ideas and discussing your next project.

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