Biomech tattoo sleeve masterfully done by Jerry Magni one of the best Italian tattoo artistBiomechanical Tattoo and Waiting times.

Among the many Biomech studies and experiments this design, created in 2017, is definitely one of my favourites.

Finding a client who is, if not passionate, at least attracted to a niche style such as biomechs isn’t that simple and it doesn’t necessarily mean that, among the many biomechs I have designed, he will end up choosing one of my favourite ones.

I had to wait almost two years before that happened. The guy who chose this biomech was already a client of mine, I had designed a realistic sleeve: Memories and conflicts for him a few years earlier.

During the completion of his first project he had already shown some interest in my Biomech projects and, to my great satisfaction, he was particularly interested in this design but had decided to take the time to “digest” the last effort before embarking on another full sleeve.

I couldn’t guarantee that the project would still be available upon his return, to which he replied: “If it’s no longer available I will choose another one, they are all beautiful” 🙂

vecchio tatuaggio su gomito con logo del gruppo musicale Metallica, da coprire.

To cover or not to cover

Since the project wasn’t going to start any time soon, I suggested that in the meantime he undergo some laser removal sessions to remove an old tattoo on the elbow, so that it wouldn’t interfere with the new project.

He seemed determined to follow my advice, but when he was finally ready I sadly noticed that the old tattoo was still there.

It was therefore necessary to decide how to proceed:

  1. Undergo a few laser sessions during the process, before reaching the offending area;
  2. Apply the blacks and then do a few sessions on the most problematic areas;
  3. Modify the design so as to better cover the old tattoo;
  4. Ignore it and proceed as if nothing had happened, then evaluate how much, how and whether it would interfere with the work and act accordingly.

Option B seemed the most appropriate but it wasn’t pursued. I therefore decided to go with option D.

To reduce the black a little, I gave it a coat of white, this certainly doesn’t cover the tattoo but it lightens it by a few tones making it less intrusive.

Other expectations

We began with the outline and by giving the old tattoo a coat of white.

I then finished applying grays.

At that point the client told me that he wanted to take some time off before proceeding with colour.

I advised him once again to undergo some laser removal sessions while we waited, unfortunately my advice was ignored.

If I remember correctly the wait must have been a few months.

We were in May 2019 and we had scheduled to continue at the beginning of 2020 but …

I don’t need to remind you about the madness we experienced in the last couple years.

As a result, I was only able to start applying colour 32 months later.

It was worth it

I had completely lost hope of being able to complete this piece but luckily I was proved wrong.

Without too much haste, in a few months we completed the work. Too bad for the shadow left by the old tattoo on the elbow, but after all I must say that it’s almost imperceptible

I’m very satisfied with the final result and it’s currently one of my favourites works.


Below you can see pictures of the various stages of processing, from the design project to the final product. Video and the last picture were taken one month after the last session.