tatuaggio in bianco e nero per tatuaggio a tutta schiena, con una donna alata che suona il violino in strada in un'ambientazione dall'architettura gotica. Magistralmente eseguito da Jerry Magni, uno dei migliori tatuatori italiani. Bergamo, Milano, Monza, Brescia, Lecco

The story of this tattoo began in 2015 when a client commissioned a back piece. Unfortunately, worried about being unable to endure the pain, he decided to back out. So the design remained available for other potential clients.

Everyone Wants It, No One Takes It

I shared the design on social media to attract potential clients. Occasionally, someone was drawn to this artwork, but never enough to follow through. After all, a tattoo, especially a large one, is a very personal choice, and finding someone with the same taste of another isn’t easy. Thus, the design hung in my studio for years: many noticed and appreciated it, but no one found it suitable for their taste.

disegno in bianco e nero per tatuaggio a tutta schiena eseguito da Jerry Magni, uno dei migliori tatuatori italiani. Bergamo, Milano, Monza, Brescia, Lecco

Lucky Cases

This tattoo found its owner almost by chance. A young guy, who had seen some caricatures I had created for various Facebook groups, contacted me to commission one as a gift for a colleague. When he came to pick up the caricature we started talking about tattoos. He intended to get tattooed but thought he had to find a pre-made design (as many unfortunately do) to then have it tattooed by the nearest “needle photocopier”. I explained that this approach was wrong and that he should find someone capable of creating a unique design for him, based on his personal desires and meanings. I illustrated my working method, and he decided to schedule an appointment to discuss his tattoo.

Love at First Sight

During the appointment, we evaluated various ideas and proposals. At one point, I invited him to approach the wall where I hang the projects in progress, to show him the difference between the size of a back piece and that of an arm. It was then that he saw the design and fell in love with it instantly. Being his first tattoo, he took a couple of days to think it over, but the spark had ignited, and as I predicted, he confirmed his choice.

Honestly, I had lost hope of finding a client interested in that design, but after nine years of waiting, it finally found its “owner.”

Below you can find images and videos of the process and final result.