Colour cartoon style tattoo on chest wit an angel and a demon looking at each other, the devil is smiling and the angel is upset between them a necklace of pearls with a gold cross with precious stones. Done by Jerry Magni, best artist, Italy, Bergamo, Lugano, Milan,

I first tattooed this guy in 2002 and over twelve years later he returned with a new project in mind, an angel and a demon holding a necklace with a Celtic cross.

I didn’t ask him about the meaning, the idea was interesting as it was and what is more important is having a long-time client return and give you carte blanche as to composition and style. The only restriction was size.

A pretty insignificant restriction considering he’s almost two meters (6’6″) tall. So I got to work with the intention of creating something cartoonish.

Unfortunately, over these past twelve years he forgot how painful getting tattooed is and I have a feeling that it becomes more painful as we age.

So the sittings have been a little challenging, he had a hard time sitting still and this definitely affected the outlining process.

But despite the pain and the breaks we took we never lost our good spirits nor our motivation.
There’s a huge difference between working with someone who moans like a baby and someone like him, who finds the way to laugh and stays in a good mood in spite of the pain, making everything easier even for me.

At the end I would have liked to dedicate a couple more hours on this project but he couldn’t take it any longer and I was totally fine with it since it turned out great even without a series of details and effects I would have liked to add.


Qui sotto le immagini del processo di lavorazione