Black and grey realistic tattoo of the old city of Bergamo by night plus the local football club Atalanta. Done by Jerry Magni, one of the best Italian tattoo artists. Bergamo, Milano, Lecco, Como

An Atalanta tattoo is a very common request in Bergamo.

Over the course of my career I have often found myself dealing with requests related to football teams, and living and working in the Orobic province, Atalanta has always been one of the most popular ones.

The most common tattoo is the skyline of Bergamo Alta with the team’s logo – in its various interpretations – or some team slogans.

One thing I’ve learned in over 25 years of tattoos is that it’s impossible to come to terms with football allegiance. Never, or almost never, is it possible to divert the client from something stereotyped like a logo to a more creative and interesting theme that can convey the same message.

So I suggested a more realistic and captivating interpretation of the basic elements without distorting them.

The client immediately appreciated the idea, that definitely makes the theme more original and appealing.

We thoroughly searched for a fairly unique image, purposely avoiding the first images available on the internet to avoid the risk of using photographs that have been used over and over again.

Finally, as I’ve been doing for years now, I blended the image with a graphic element, which makes the tattoo even more special.

I am happy with the result. The football allegiance is safe as is the love for one’s city, demonstrating that with a little openness and creativity even a theme like football, often represented in a rather simplistic way, can be turned into something beautiful and interesting.