The way in which tattoos are chosen is mysterious sometimes. This client had a booking to get a geisha tattooed on his right forearm, but even though he hasn’t discarded the idea, he decided to get the other forearm tattooed whit themes related to one of his favourite video games. Unfortunately one of the designs he submitted was definetely ugly. My doubts were enough to make him change his mind completely.
Suddenly he decided to get the White Rabbit from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland .
To be sincere I would have preferred to draw a reinterpretation of the rabbit or at least use references different from the Disney cartoon, but in spite of the fact that we did thorough research for references, he still preferred the Disney version because he felt it was the only one that could fit his taste.
So I didn’t insist further and I accepted to do it.
To copy an image is just a matter of technique and it turned out to be a nice and relaxing work.
In any case I’m still waiting to work on the geisha which I’m sure will give me more satisfaction than this funny white rabbit. 😉