tatuaggio in bianco e nero su fianco di galeone nella tempesta. Eseguito magistralmente da Jerry Magni, miglior tatuatore italiano, Bergamo, Milano, Brescia, Crema, Cremona, Mantova, Lecco, Como, Varese, Vicenza, Verona, Modena

This tattoo was very simple.
A couple of weeks earlier a guy had asked me to cover up an old tattoo on his shoulder, among the many ideas the only suitable one for that cover-up was a galleon.
However, once the project was developed, the client decided to give up and opt for laser removal in order to then get a tattoo that excited him more.
So the project remained in the drawer until this other guy asked for a galleon.
A few tweaks here and there, a size adjustment, and it was ready to be tattooed.
The picture and video were taken one month after healing.