Covering a tattoo is never fun and almost never a walk in the park.

Among the various styles, biomech is definitely one of the most suitable for this purpose. The abstract nature and the almost total lack of limitations posed by biomechs very often allow to achieve good results.

However, if limitations are imposed on the artist’s creativity, the work could end up being more complex than expected and its success may be compromised.

In this particular case, in addition to the limitations posed by the cover-up, the client made some naive requests. He wanted to divide the tattoo into three parts, a piece of armor in the upper part, a horizontal separating element in the middle and a different kind of armor in the bottom part, as if this were not enough, he also wanted to include the eye of a Japanese superhero, the chains said superhero uses as a weapon and, last but not least, two millipedes.

With these requests we definitely cannot speak of biomech, if anything, it would have been a sort of collage of questionable taste. Luckily, the client was open to my suggestions, giving me more room of manoeuvre.

I eventually managed to strategically include the eye and chains he so badly wanted and to give the idea of ​​evolution from past to future, which he had mentioned during one of our video consultations during the coronavirus lockdown, I added some filigrees, thus enriching the final design.

The end result is beyond expectations, now it just needs to be transferred on skin.

Here below the time lapse of the design.