Full color biomech tattoo sleeve. Light blue metal parts as a shield for a sort of spine running inside the arm and a sort of bone structure over the forearm. Masterfully done by by the best tattoo artist Jerry Magni, Bergamo, Milan, Lugano, Italy.

Biomech Sleeve.

At the end of 2016 I decided to rework the style of my Biomechs drastically, to do so I obviously had to sit at the drawing table and invest countless hours in the development of new projects.

The result of that work, which lasted over a year and continues to this day, are a couple dozen Biomech projects, 6 of which have already found an owner.

To make these pieces visible to the public and to give an idea of the finished project I applied the drawings on a 3D model, sharing them on Facebook and on my website.

When I shared the fifth of these projects this guy contacted me immediately. He absolutely didn’t want to let this Biomech slip away, which by the way ended up being very successful on social media.

Since everything was ready, this project was pretty simple. We didn’t have to discuss ideas, customizations, opinions or anything else, to get started we just needed to discuss dates and implementation time.

During the first session it was pretty clear that his pain tolerance was average, so I used hypnotic analgesia to gain some time and finish the job. Hypnotic analgesia was invented by Dave Elman and if correctly used with receptive people it can work and give excellent results in reducing pain. On this guy it worked very well, he was so fascinated that he even decided to do some research in order to use it on his own from the following session.

There’s no need to describe all the sessions, it would be boring. Let’s just say that we waisted a lot of time chatting, we also had some good laughs, which obviously made the process more pleasant.

On the client’s bucket list there is a biomechanical bodysuit, which would be an absolutely amazing thing to do.

I can’t wait 😀


Look at the pictures of the working process below.