Colour full back piece with a flying night owl keeping a lantern with the claws, he has also a cord around the neck wiht a key as a pendant. In the background a full moon ad graphical decorations. Outstanding piece of art, masterfully done by by the best tattoo artist Jerry Magni, Bergamo, Milan, Lugano, Italy.
This girl knew exactly what she wanted: an owl in flight (symbol of wisdom) holding a lantern, because in some way it reminded her of her father whom she sees as a reference point, someone who lights her way. The owl also had to have a key around its neck, representing her son. The setting had to be nocturnal but what really impressed me was that she didn’t want anything too realistic but something designed by me. For me that’s just like icing on the cake. After evaluating some ideas regarding the position of the owl she left me carte blanche. I love this type of client 😀

I liked my first drawing right from the start but the following day it didn’t satisfy me completely, so I went back to work and modified one wing, then the other, then the head; I basically redesigned it and changed colours at least three or four times before finally finding the ideal setting and the right lights.

The work on skin went smoothly, in 5 sittings this half-back was completed thanks to the determination and perseverance of this girl to whom I can only say thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this work which is definitely among my favourites for 2016 🙂
The title is inspired by the not too “bright” era we are living in, hoping that this owl who brings light can be a good omen for the future.


Look at the images of the working process below.