“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson 

The first part of my career has seen paper as the main media of my work. In 1996 I started using the computer and I needed some time before being able to use it effectively in my work.

For those who entered the world of comics and illustration just five years after me it may probably seem strange, but at the time there were no computers to work faster, You Tube to see how the big ones worked, let alone Google to look up for inspiration or reference material. Once Internet did not even exist.

Work was done by looking up reference material and inspiration in magazines and libraries. One had to dirty his own hands with paint and brushes and if a work was not satisfactory, you could not click Ctrl Z and go back, you had to redo the design or find a way to correct it with razor blades and/or overlays.

The advent of the computer has speeded up some aspects of the work but before 2012 I still made all the drawings on paper and if necessary I intervened on the computer to colour them and/or optimize some details.

After purchasing an interactive screen my production has become almost completely digital, even if I still use paper for almost all the large black and white drawings for my clients’ tattoos.

In the galleries below you can find some of my work divided by category.

Comic art was my first love and as they say: “one’s first love is never forgotten”.

The scanned material dates back to the 90s and early 2000s, together with some new things I’ve been working on lately.

The covers all date back to the 90s too.

Throughout my career I’ve worked on several projects, commercials, t-shirts, school material and much more. Below is a small selection of some of that work.

In personal projects you can find my more recent work, created for personal pleasure, successful exercises, up to projects for gift booklets and so on.

When I was still a student and shortly thereafter I made some money doing caricatures at town festivals. It was a fun activity that I’ve dusted off on several occasions throughout my career and that I’ve recently rediscovered, both for pleasure and for practice, both as a technical exercise to experiment with new styles and as a warm-up before starting a project.

Finally some of the works created for my clients’ tattoos