Black and grey tattoo sleeve of a man trying to escape from a dark well where a monster with long tentacles and little demons are trying to stop the man from escaping. Masterfully done by Jerry Magni, one of the best Italian tattoo artist.

An elaborate project.

This guy had an ambitious plan: tell a story through a tattoo starting from the left arm, continuing across the back, and ending on the right arm. The story, summarized in an extremely concise way, narrates the escape from a very difficult time, ultimately culminating in peace. It was a huge and exciting project, but I suggested he focus on one section at a time. The creation of a sleeve or back piece takes time. Waiting to continue with the other parts of the “story”, the idea could have the potential to evolve and change direction over time.

Furthermore, I suggested he dedicate the back to the phase he deemed most important for the project, instead of following a linear sequence. The back allows for an overview of the entire work that the arms cannot offer, making the project even more meaningful and engaging.

disegno per tatuaggio manicaCritical phase

After clarifying these points, he decided to dedicate the first part of the project to the most critical phase of his “story”. Discussing with him and evaluating his preferences, I suggested a sort of monster with tentacles, among which small demons roam, trying to prevent the protagonist from escaping this dark well, a representation of absolute evil. He liked the idea, and I liked the idea of mixing a biomech tattoo with something more classical, figuratively speaking. So all that was left was to move to the drawing board.

As I always do, I started with a quick sketch and shared the progress with him at each step to ensure that the direction taken was to his liking.

Long trip

It’s always a great satisfaction when a client decides to take a long trip for my art, and I will never stop thanking those who travel long distances to allow me to work on their projects.

Given the distance, to optimize time, he decided to do the first two sessions in a row, but he preferred to separate the following ones due to the pain and to maintain the necessary lucidity in order to face the return trip. Two or three days of tattooing are tiring, so it’s not ideal to drive when being too tired.


Unfortunately, the great distance didn’t allow me to do the final check-up session and take pictures of the healed tattoo. During such a large project, at each session, I have the opportunity to touch up, if necessary, the work done in the previous session. For this reason, I always offer a free final session to make any necessary touch-ups and take the opportunity to take pictures and make a video of the finished work.

Understandably, my client didn’t feel like facing a 10-hour drive for this, but if he keeps faithful to his project, I imagine that after he assimilates this first phase, I will have the opportunity to make any necessary touch-ups and take pictures and videos when we carry on with the work.

Therefore, the video and photos below are from the last session, with obvious redness and the black ink being slightly heavier than it will become after healing.

Therefore, the video and photos you see below are related to the last session, with obvious redness and the black ink being slightly heavier than it will become after healing.