Melvin Tay is a tattoo artist from Singapore who specializes in Chinese Oriental abstract, he’s also a dear friend of mine.

I met Melvin for the first time in 2011 during a convention in Belgium and he already had a pretty impressive list of conventions and guest spots.

That list never stopped growing. When he hosted me for a guest spot in his studio in 2015 he had just finished a tour and was ready to begin another one shortly after.

When I met him again at Tattoo Expo Bologna 2018, he was on tour yet again.
This guy never stops, I can’t even imagine how many tattoo conventions he has attended around the world.

So I needed to hear a little bit more about his journey, especially being someone from a different culture.

Here below there’s the audio of the interview. You can read the transcription of the interview in my article on

Melvin Tay and Jerry Magni