This woman tried laser removal on an old ugly tattoo done about 20 years ago, but the pain was unbearable so after a few sittings she gave up and eventually ended up at my studio.
I was skeptic at first, despite of the laser the tattoo was still dark and the area where it was placed (the breast) didn’t offer much artistic freedom.
Understanding her discomfort I decided to give it a try. While I was drawing I realized that it was possible to do a good job though. The removal, even if not completed, had lightened a lot the old shit anyhow.
It was touching watching her cry of happiness when looking at her new tattoo. For 20 years she had avoided low-neck clothing ashamed of showing that shit. Now, at last, she’s free to dress like she wants.
A good cause for reflection for anyone who is thinking of getting some ink done: be very careful of who you trust for your tattoo 😉