Wishes come true.

I am fortunate to have the universe as an ally. In fact, when I make a wish, it often come true shortly after.
It’s no small thing and I consider myself immensely lucky for this. Sometimes, however, some wishes tend to be slower than others.

Around 2014/2015, when the geometric tattoo trend was starting to catch on, I thought I’d try my own interpretation and in no time I had a client ask me for a sleeve in that style.

Unfortunately that client lost his job halfway through the design phase so the project remained uncompleted and fell into oblivion, until the beginning of 2019, when during the processing of one of my tutorials for tattoosmart.com Russ Abbott suggested adding a geometric design.

I dusted off that old project and completed it adding it to the tutorial.

Both the tutorial and the design I shared on social media had a moderate success, and although some people had shown interest I had to wait a few more months before being contacted by a client who was seriously interested.

A guy from Umbria who decided to undergo three sessions in a row in order to save time and travel expenses, which would otherwise have called for spaced sessions.

prima seduta per tatuaggio geometrico a tutta manica eseguito da Jerry Magni. Miglior tatuatore Bergamo, Milano, Monza Brianza, Varese, Brescia, Crema, Piacenza, Como, Lecco, Vicenza, Lombardia, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli

All in one breath

I know I’m fast, even more so with black and grey, probably even more with geometric designs that, from a technical point of view, are not that different from tribals, but I wasn’t sure I could complete an entire sleeve in three sessions. However, we were psychologically ready to finish everything in those three days.

The first day, dedicated to the decoration on the elbow, was definitely the simplest, the second day was a little more problematic.

The optimal application of such a complex stencil rotating around the arm required great patience and calm, this added to the realization of that pattern which, given the schedule, couldn’t be resumed the following day and had to be completed at all costs, making me finish way beyond dinner time.

Same thing occurred on the third day with all the hexagons on the upper arm, to which I added a last minute closing graphic.

I counted on closing the shoulder with the hexagons but I hadn’t considered that being arranged in an irregular way they wouldn’t have closed the piece as hoped, so I came up with a suitable graphic for that purpose.

I wasn’t sure we would be able to finish everything in three days, instead we did. Three frantic days working from morning to evening, like in the old days, when clients resisted endless hours under the needle.

It would have probably been better to add another session to work at an easier pace, but we will take this into account for the next project 🙂

Now all there is left to do is wait for the tattoo to heal and evaluate any potential touch-ups, that must be taken into account when working on a project this size done in such a short amount of time. The skin is subjected to considerable stress and the healing of such a large surface can lead to some areas requiring further saturation but, should it be necessary, I’m pretty sure they will be minor touch-ups 😉