Dragon lady black and grey tattoo design, Jerry Magni. Best Tattoo designer. Unique works, original tattoos, stunning design. Bergamo, ItalyFull sleeve tattoo. dragon and girl. First sitting. Jerry Magni ItalyThis client was fascinated by Dragon Lady and wanted the exact same tattoo. He obviously didn’t have a clear understanding of the fact that all my work is done at the specific request of each client and therefore cannot be copied.

Having clarified my philosophy, I explained that something similar but unique could be done. This is the result, that now is simply waiting to find a place on his arm.

Unfortunately the client has decided at the last moment to eliminate the hummingbirds, which I had thought of as filler elements. It’s a shame, in my opinion, because they would have made the design richer and more interesting, but I never insist too much if the client’s idea isn’t ruining the quality of the work. I just hope I won’t end up hearing yet another “You were right.”

Given the elimination of the hummingbirds I have redesigned the dragon’s tail freehand and, also freehand, have redesigned other small areas that were obviously different on paper.

Here below the result of the first sitting of outlines.