tatuaggio di dea guanyn reinterpretata

Revolutionize an idea.

This guy’s design for his first tattoo was based on a Japanese cosmogony goddess, more specifically a version of her that appears in a cartoon.

The aforementioned goddess – Guayn Kannon – looks like an augmented version of the Indian goddess Kālī, who with her many arms becomes problematic for a sleeve tattoo. The available space doesn’t allow for great things if you want to include all those arms, at best there is a risk of doing a tattoo that is too small and which risks becoming illegible over time, unless you create something very graphic.

It was therefore a matter of understanding how open the client was to reinterpretation, and luckily he was.

During the consultation I came up with the idea of ​​removing the arms and surrounding the face with hands, arranging them as if they were a sort of ruff, the idea was a success and during the consultation the request for a crown of flames was also added.

Initially, the crown was supposed to be a real crown on fire but it seemed like a naive solution, instead I proposed a different solution, the one that was eventually used in the final version.

Urgent desires

This guy was in a hurry and wanted to complete the tattoo as soon as possible, which prompted him to line up a couple of sessions, to which we added a further one for the whites, some touch-ups and other finishing touches.

The tattoo in the pictures and video is almost completely healed apart from the whites and some touch-ups on the blacks.

I would love to take pictures of the completely healed tattoo but since the client lives far away I don’t think he will make another 5-hour trip to allow me to take them.

Too bad, because with the white still red the tattoo loses contrast and brilliance, but I’m afraid I’ll have to settle for it 🙁