I’m honored to have been interviewed by EMP Italia.
Please find here below an English subtitled version of the interview together with the translation of the mini interview that complements the video.

What styles does your work investigate?
I do not investigate, I like to look around and take inspiration from everything around me to create something new.

What is the most popular tattoo request you get?
I create unique images for each of my customers, each design has its own story, so it’s not possible to make a chart as you might do for a business that sells pre-packaged goods.

What are the key elements that characterize your work?
Every moment is crucial, from the preliminary meeting with the customer to the creation of the design, up to the work on skin, including the aftercare instructions I provide customers with, which are also fundamental to the success of the work.
Every journey is made of steps and each of these steps is essential to achieving the desired result.

What are the ideas underlying your work?
Being a creative work, inspirations change, they evolve, it is a constant work in progress.
Tomorrow’s ideas may be very different from today’s.
The energy and ideas coming from the customer become part of this constant change and evolution of course, but behind it all there lies the passion for what I do.

What do you see in your future as a tattoo artist?
Happiness and Satisfaction galore 😀