This customer’s ideas were a little confused, he initially wanted a fight scene between Superman and Dragon Ball, but the image he submitted me was not suitable for a forearm tattoo and there wasn’t much time to create a tailor-made drawing. He later suggested the reinterpretation of the characters from a cartoon popular here in New Zealand, but I never heard of it so I didn’t feel comfortable giving it my own personal interpretation and the images he showed me were all unsuitable. He eventually suggested a Joker, one of my all time favourite subjects. The bats go well with the tattoo already present on the inner forearm, which looks like something that could very well turn into a bat.
I wish I could have worked on this piece for at least a couple of sessions, but that was unthinkable just a few days before my departure. The result is still good for a tattoo done in 4:30 hours. I’m sorry I can’t check it out it and take some pictures once healed. Unfortunately New Zealand is a little out of the way for me to go back to do a couple of touch-ups and take some pictures 😀