Lockdown continues and so do my designs.

This time I wanted to practice on shiny surfaces and reflections.

And what better than a pin-up “wrapped” in a latex outfit?

I started from a drawing I made almost twenty years ago.

Yes, lately I’ve had this desire to confront myself and develop or review “ancient” work.

I wanted to improve and colour this pin-up realistically while maintaining a caricatural body shape, perhaps exasperating it a little bit, but it’s pretty obvious I’ve dedicated myself to realism for too long, professional deformation given by the requests I get for my tattoos, that always tend to lean in that direction.

In the end, however, I decided to go into the cartoon territory by making a textbook sexy doll face to get closer to a style I’ve always liked.

I need to practice a little bit more to be able to create those anatomical exasperations I was so good at when I did comics, but I will have time, the lockdown is still long.

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