Tatuaggio drago biomeccanico con temi geometrici su tutta schiena eseguito da Jerry Magni. Miglior Tatuatore Bergamo, Brescia, Milano, Varese, Lecco, Como, Monza Brianza, Veneto, Piemonte, Modena, Emilia Romagna, Bologna, Piacenza

An Idea evolved over time.

I had been thinking of doing a dragon that had the pattern of a car tyre instead of scales for quite some time. 

The idea fermented in my mind for a few years until I finally decided to put it into practice. From the beginning I realized that the tyre pattern made more sense on the stomach instead of on the back of the dragon, so I decided to make the upper part mechanical. During the realization I decided to reinterpret the stylistic features of Eastern dragons giving them a very personal twist.

I would have taken advantage of the dimensions and characteristics of Eastern dragons by reinterpreting them in a bio-mechanical way, I would have used dynamic horizontal lines instead of waves, probably a legacy of my past in comics :), Ninja stars (Shuriken) instead of cherry blossoms, and finally, a geometric pattern instead of the classic black background.

To enrich the work and make it more dynamic I decided to add pieces of tyre that scatter away like a racing car on a turn – it is no coincidence that the type of tread I used comes straight from the wet tyres of Formula One cars of the 70s.

The pearl is the most important treasure for the dragon because it gives it wisdom, spiritual energy, prosperity and power so it didn’t seem appropriate to reinterpret this important and meaningful part of classical iconography, also because, to be honest, I didn’t have a noteworthy idea to replace it 

Colours and meanings

Illustrazione di Jerry Magni di Drago biomeccanico. Disegno originale nel concetto e nella realizzazione da uno dei migliori tatuatori italiani. Bergamo, Milano, lecco, Como, Lugano, Varese, Brescia.

My first option was turquoise for the dragon and red for the background, with bright yellow/orange accents, but when I shared the progress of my work on social media, the project was immediately successful and it was reserved by a guy from Friuli before the drawing was even completed, who by the way already had one of my biomech sleeves (43R-01), so it seemed more than fair that I discuss colours with its future owner.

I sent him a brief description with the traditional colours of the dragons and their meanings; his first choice was obviously the most powerful dragon, the gold-coloured one, which apparently makes the wearer immortal, but working on such an extensive area with yellows would have been challenging as well as having little resistance over time, so we went for the direct descendant of the golden dragon: the red dragon.

For the background I therefore decided to use the complementary colour of red.

The contrast between complementary colours, as well as being particularly pleasing to the eye, gives the image an appearance similar to that of an automotive design sketch, making my interpretation even more unique.


I was counting on finishing the entire outline during the first session, but the application of the stencil took some time and the client wanted to leave early in order to avoid rush hour. Understandable since he had to drive 3:30 hours each way to each session, unfortunately I hadn’t foreseen this.

Having found out about this after having outlined only half of the design, I decided to take a smaller needle and some grey ink to quickly fix the remaining lines, so that I could resume them in the next session without having to do the stencil again and most of all without having to realign it to the work that had already been done.

Time restraints

The time frame within which I had to work because of the trip was a bit frustrating because I looked forward to completing this piece and when the client leaves at 5:00 p.m. it’s as if he’s leaving you with two hours of unexpressed activity 😀

But when someone takes that kind of trip, one cannot expect him to get home at midnight after waking up at 6 a.m. just to fulfill the wishes of an excited artist 😀


sesta seduta tatuaggio a colori di drago biomeccanico su schiena eseguito da Jerry Magni, miglior tatuatore Bergamo, Milano, Varese, Brescia, Crema, Lecco, Como, Monza Brianza, Lombardia, Veneto, Piemonte

Apart from this small limitation, the work proceeded pretty rapidly and turned out exactly as expected, a unique and decidedly original work that differs from usual dragons, be they Eastern or Western.

Definitely one of my most original and innovative pieces.

I would like to take pictures and make a video a couple of months after healing, but I will not ask a client, however loyal, to drive 7 hours for a 10-minute photo session, also because most of the tattoo is completely healed,  some areas for almost a year, and the small adjustments made during the last session will certainly not affect the quality of the pictures 😉


Here below the working progress of the design and the tattoo.