Skull, roses, rings, spider, cards, hour glass, clock, girl, color tattoo. Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist. Italy MilanThe client wanted a “memento mori”, he already had some elements in mind and in the course of the conversation we came up with many more.
During the preparation of the drawing he had some second thoughts. He wasn’t sure whether to include the women’s face or not and also had some second thoughts about the rosary beads, which he later dediced to replace with two rings, and about the placement of the Sicilian cards at the bottom of the drawing, which were fundamental for him because they reminded him of a dear person.

This piece can be considered a classic under many aspects, the skull, the woman, the roses, the cards, the rings and finally time, that in this tattoo recurs three times: the hourglass, the clock and the spider, that in many cultures is considered the animal that weaves time.
These are all recurring elements in tattoo iconography. In fact, it’s not rare to see tattoos with these elements, even belonging to different styles and not necessarily all together.
Creating the drawing for this tattoo has been quite challenging, not so much for the subjects as for finding a composition that wouldn’t risk looking predictable. Doing it on skin has been a real pleasure, especially thanks to the client’s determination.
I’m very satisfied with the end result, (here you can see the tattoo healed for over two months) I have no doubt, this tattoo is definitely in my top ten 🙂