Memoirs of a Gheisha, tattoo portrait of a beautiful model with flowers and lipstick, red folding fan, crows, trash polka, realistic tattoo, Jerry Magni Italy, Switzerland, Milan, Lugano,This client wanted a Trash Polka geisha. Trash Polka isn’t really my thing but if well executed it can be rewarding. However, like other similar work I did, I believe that it can’t really be considered Trash Polka, unless one wants to include every black and grey tattoo with a splash of red in that category.
This piece was nevertheless rewarding and enjoyable.

If all my clients were like this guy my days would definitely be more pleasant. An eight hour sitting without complaining, just some grunts towards the end but after an entire day of ink it’s more than understandable and reasonable.
Now I can’t wait to see it healed.