colour tattoo on forearm with a rose risign from a book and a halftone background

Sweet Memories

Translating a parent’s memories and teachings into a single image is almost impossible, especially shortly after their loss, when the mind becomes a volcano of memories and emotions that are difficult to control.

The client initially wanted a rose, his mother’s favourite flower, and a small writing in her memory. However, I advised him to delve deeper and find a particular lesson or memory that could make the tattoo more personal.

After a quick chat, he focused on the passion for reading that his mother had instilled in him.

As a result, the idea of having the rose grow from the book seemed like the most natural choice.

This small tattoo is not able to summarize all the feelings associated with the mother, but it’s a nice way to remember her and I am happy to have been the creator of this important memory.

Here You can se the photo and a video over a month after healing.