Cover-up tattoo freehand, carnation, biomech, face. Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist. ItalyThe initial aim of this work, started in May 2013, was to do a biomechanical on the shoulder blade that would cover an old tattoo, or rather, the goal wasn’t exactly a cover-up. The old tattoo may have been unattractive and dated but despite this the client didn’t mind if it was still slightly visible, which is why I incorporated it in the “glowing” sphere at the center of the tattoo.

The next year he returned asking me to do a face with an obsessed expression (hence the title) that had to be a continuation of the previous biomech, to which he wanted to add a carnation.

To balance out the design I decided to add two carnations instead of one. I was hesitant about adding flowers to a biomechanical theme and I was pretty skeptical even after the work was finished.
Looking back at the pictures after a few days I have to admit that, as unusual as it may be, I liked the end result.

After a few years this guy came back asking me to “extend” his tattoo.
I’m not new to this type of request which usually ends up in a full sleeve. It would be better to plan and design everything right from the start but everyone has their own time and reasons.

The lower part of the tattoo was done freehand, like the rest of the piece. I also took the opportunity to increase the contrast on the face which had since faded, because of the natural aging process but mostly because of heavy sun exposure.

Protect your tattoos guys!