“Artists shouldn’t even begin to attempt to paint
until they have adequately gained control of their drawing skills”
Boris Vallejo 

Jerry Magni in posa tra i suoi quadri; Gatti surreali. Acrilici su tela. Festival Dei Gatti, villa Castelbarco Vaprio d'Adda

During school I improvised something daubing a couple of canvases, but in those attempts there was nothing that measured up to that media so I avoided canvases until 2002, when the urge to paint on canvas became irrepressible. I worked almost a year on a single canvas, experimenting, trying, removing and creating again, the result was interesting and although it was still far from the future KATZ, it contained their fundamental basis.


I later took the time to explore interpretative possibilities with the computer, working times were very long…From that waiting time digital KATZ were born, from which I developed the visual language that I later used on canvas. I created almost 80 works, both digital and on canvas, with a theme and a precise and recognizable language of which I’m proud. Style which I have evolved and which I continue evolving, even with my works on skin.