Color tattoo on ribs, Persephone with Cerberus in the Ade, with the light of the hell, they are on a rock and she’s sexy and peep Cerberus at leash. Greek roman mythology. Unique, original. Jerry Magni tattoo artist Bergamo, Milan, ItalyThis client wanted to get the image on my business card (a woman in a skimpy leather dress keeping a tiger on a leash) but with a Cerberus instead of the tiger. Of course I decided to use that image as inspiration to create an entirely new drawing. The first drawing didn’t satisfy me completely so I decided to redraw it from scratch until I obtained the desired result.

Neither of us had thought of Persephone. It was one of my clients who is passionate about Greek mythology who made me notice that “Cerberus only responded to its mistress Persephone (Ade’s wife)”.
On a couple of other occasions I found myself drawing Greek myths almost without knowing it. Apparently Greek/Roman mythology impregnates our mind and maybe my unconscious 😀

The goal of this client, like that of many others, was to finish the tattoo in the least amount of time possible and although the first sitting was promising, during which I did the outlines and coloured part of the Cerberus, in the following sittings the amount of working time reduced drastically. A high pain tolerance is not very common unfortunately.


See the pictures of the working process below.