Tatuaggio in bianco e nero per copertura cicatrici Carlo di Napoli, ferroviere che rischiò di perdere il braccio a causa di un'aggressione con machete. Il tatuaggio contiene un uomo che sorge dalle acque, degli scarabei, un orologio che esplode e il dio egizio dell'aldilà: Anubi. Eseguito da Jerry Magni, il miglior tatuatore italiano. Bergamo, Milano, Brescia, Como, Varese, Crema, Lecco, Monza Brianza.

When Carlo Di Napoli asked me to cover the scars on his arm, I could never have imagined connecting with a figure sadly famous for newsworthy events. Carlo, a railway worker, had been the victim of a tragic machete attack in 2015, facing the risk of losing his arm due to that violent act.

He shared his story, the lived drama, the physical and, above all, psychological pain. I felt his torment for the wounds, the surgery, the lack of full arm mobility, and the concern for his newborn daughter at the time of the assault. The strength to face this dramatic situation stemmed from his determination to protect his family.

During our meetings and working sessions, listening to his stories, I admit I had to restrain tears more than once. I felt the responsibility to offer Carlo some peace through my work.

Cicatrici prima del tatuaggio.
Some Carlo’ scars

From Scars to Symbols

The goal was to tattoo the entire arm, “erasing” the scars he could no longer bear. Carlo had a clear idea for his tattoo, including Anubis, the Egyptian ferryman of souls, breaking a clock to symbolize that at the moment of the assault, time seemed to stand still but simultaneously, it was “not his time.” Additionally, a scarab, representing rebirth in Egyptian culture.

I proposed some changes to his idea: an imposing Anubis above an exploding clock. For the scarab, instead of an Egyptian symbol, I suggested portraying some in flight amidst the clouds, amplifying the symbolic atmosphere and making the design more dynamic. To further emphasize the theme of rebirth on the inside of the forearm, I suggested a man rising from the water, not only a symbol of life but also of catharsis. Carlo enthusiastically embraced the idea.

disegno per tatuaggio manica in bianco e nero realizzato dal miglior tatuatore italiano: Jerry MagniFinal Touch

To deepen the meaning, I suggested a frame around Anubis, adorned with inscriptions converted into hieroglyphics. Despite uncertainty about the accuracy of the conversion done through a website, we both accepted the idea as a meaningful element for the tattoo.

The work was a complex endeavor, considering the sensitivity of the affected areas and the intricacies of muscle and nerve reconstruction. Additionally, challenges arose from irregular skin and stiffness due to post-traumatic stress.

Embracing Rebirth

I am happy to know that Carlo can now look at his arm without seeing the scars that tormented him. This project has become one of those that will stay in my heart for a long time. I thank Carlo for choosing me, giving me the opportunity to help him realize his desire. The gratitude I feel is immense, and I am glad to have returned some serenity to him.

Below are the stages of the work in images and video.