Matters of perspective.

Sometimes you are asked to combine a new piece with pre-existing tattoos, mine or other’s, sometimes it’s relatively simple, for example in the case of a sleeve or similar styles, other times the operation turns out to be more complex, especially if the styles do not go together harmoniously, if there’s no room for a transition, or for other reasons that should be listed one by one.

In my opinion, when planning a large project it’s always preferable to plan the entire work in advance rather than adding small pieces over the course of time if not years, but I understand that some people make the decision to expand their tattoos at a later moment.

In this particular case, the client wanted to combine the piece he had on his back (Warriors) with a new subject – a galleon in a storm – on the front of the thigh, with a pier serving as a transition between the thigh and back.

Besides the fact that a galleon in a storm with a pier in the background isn’t very exciting – where does the sense of adventure and danger of sailing go if there is a pier just a few meters away? – it was also out of perspective.

The dock would have been placed on the side of the butt between the back and thigh, then above the galleon’s sails. An unthinkable idea, unless I crossfaded the elements, but in that case we might as well look for something more attractive than a pier.

After careful consideration, this idea was discarded and we focused on the galleon on the thigh.

Fast and easy

Working on this project was pretty simple, I already had a sailing ship in a storm in my archive, on which I started working a few years ago without ever completing it. It was simply a matter of finding a galleon suitable for the project, some photobashing, various modifications with photoshop brushes to meet the client’s requests and the project was ready to be transferred on skin.

The work was split into two rather serene sessions.

Pictures and videos from this post were taken a month after healing.