The coronavirus lockdown took me almost 20 years back in time, when I spent days and days in solitude developing my illustrations and comics.

So during this time I’ve dedicated myself to personal illustrations to keep myself trained and for the pleasure of drawing whatever I want 😀

I did this illustration for the Character Design Challenge, a Facebook group that every month chooses a theme, and artists from all over the world let their imagination run wild creating all kinds of characters.

I’ve been following the group for years but I had never taken part in one of these “challenges”, sometimes due to lack of time, other times because the theme simply didn’t inspire me.

This month, probably inspired by Covid-19, the group’s administrators chose medical staff for the theme. Some artists created science fiction doctors, WWI nurses, robot doctors etc. The first thing that came to my mind was a sexy nurse, a classic pin-up girl.

A little trivial perhaps, but since I don’t often get the chance to draw the human body I wanted to take the opportunity to go back to practicing human anatomy, which happens less often than you might think with tattoos, definitely not as often as I used to when I did comics.

Not wanting to lose this skill, it was an excellent opportunity to practice.

I am very satisfied with the result and below you can watch a video of the creative process with commentary.

Prints of this work are available in different formats at the following link:

More prints here:

Video in Italian only