scripts and star tattoo. Jerry Magni Tattoo Artist. ItalyThose who know me know that, besides not appreciating letterings, I don’t like imitating the work of others.

But when I’m a guest c/o somebody else’s studio, explaining my reasons can be hard work and in addition to the risk of not being understood, there is also the risk of disappointing both the client and the shop owner, putting at risk the overall atmosphere during my stay. Risks that are even more concrete when it’s your first day of work and there hasn’t been enough time to talk about your working methods.

Certainly, there can always be room for discussion to reinterpret the client’s wishes, but sometimes his budget and the business-oriented approach of the studio may not be compatible with my personal vision.

Therefore, after some personal considerations, if I see that the client is adamant, I willingly accept what they are asking me to do.

In this particular case, being the request a star with some writings, a reinterpretation would have taken way too long considering the available budget.
All in all I find it a valuable job.

About 3:30 hours.