DOLCE GIUNGLA disegnoThis client initially wanted a mermaid with a llion cub but before he had even finished explaining his idea I made him notice that the two elements were in contrast. The mermaid is a water subject and the lion is a ground animal and even imagining the two elements on a rock, I found that the lion looked out of place. He immediately agreed with me, so he suggested a savage girl taking care of the lion cub, maybe at the base of a tree. In his mind the tree could be a representation of himself, the girl was of course a representation of his soul mate and the cub of their child.
I immediately though about the jungle, with the two subjects not at the base of the tree but laying on its branches.
What could be better than a tree as a refuge in a place like the savannah? To me this could perfectly represent the idea of protection that I’m sure he feels about his soul mate and his son.
I showed him some references that could give him a rough idea and I sketched a setting to show him what I had in mind.
He agreed and gave me carte blanche.
I did a couple of different colour versions, I think that the one with blue lights is less predictable and gives the piece a bit of mystery but I will know which one he’s going to choose only on the day of the appointment 🙂