This Fan Art started out as a sketch to test and organize my digital brushes, but I found myself immersed in the image without being able to stop retouching every little detail. Thanks to the zoom I literally “slipped” into the image modifying it down to the very last detail, losing endless hours choosing between a more pointed or rounded canine, the length and height of the eyebrows, the folds of the face or the shape of the tongue, down to the hidden spaces between the gums. An exhausting work.
It’s something that happens when you don’t have any deadlines and you create for the pleasure of giving the best of yourself without any reservation. Until I realized that I had to give myself a limit or I would never have finished retouching my work. But even after I promised myself that the work was finished I kept seeing things that could be improved and I spent days reopening the files even for a couple of minutes, to add or fix details here and there. Up to the final detail, the card the Joker is holding between his fingers.

The initial idea was in fact that of the business card of a transsexual, with an obvious insinuation with regard to the “Dark Knight”, which makes the Joker laugh to tears. Later I came up with the perhaps more “dramatic” idea of replacing the business card with a presidential card, as if to say “I’m untouchable” and at the same time to emphasize the criminal folly of world leaders.

I like both these ideas and I have therefore decided to maintain both versions. 50 cm X 78 cm aluminium prints will soon be available and you will be able to choose which of the two versions you like best.

Stay tuned to know when it will be available 😉