Full colour tattoo with a sexy blue tail mermaid on a rock, in front of her a blue winged dragon rises from the water, Under the sea surface we see corals. Masterfully executed by the best tattoo artist Jerry Magni, Bergamo, Italy, Milano, Italy, Lugano.
This tattoo is one of the works I’m most proud of.
Started in August 2010 and completed in February 2011. I only tattooed the mermaid to start with. I had spent an entire night preparing the design of which I was very proud and thanks to my client’s strength it was done in one sitting.
After a couple of months the client came back asking to complete the work with a dragon, so that it would go right around the entire calf.

Unlike the mermaid, for which I had made a preliminary design right down to the smallest detail, for the dragon I did a rough sketch which I later developed during the making of the stencil then directly on the client’s skin. The dragon was done in two sittings, one for black and one for colouring, for which I used underwater images as reference. These same images came in handy when, a few months later, the client came back asking me to add the seabed to extend the work to the ankle. Extension that requested a sitting plus a second one to touch up some details of both the seabed and the dragon and mermaid.


Look at the images and videos of the working process below.