tatuaggio manica horror bianco e nero con un demone sul braccio, un tempio satanico con rosone a pentacolo, una donna circondata da denti aguzzi e un caprone con croce rovesciata sulla fronte. Magistralmente realizzato da Jerry Magni, uno dei migliori tatuatori italiani. Lombardia, Bergamo, Milano, Brescia, Varese,

This black and grey tattoo was requested by a client I had tattooed a few years ago. It’s always satisfying when a client returns, but I must admit that his request surprised me this time. I’m used to unusual requests, even horror tattoos or those with dark references, but in this case, it was an explicitly satanic tattoo. His idea included a demon, the face of a woman surrounded by flames, and an inverted cross on the forearm. The only subject missing was something for the inner arm, and given the theme, I suggested an altar with a pentacle rose window behind it. My proposal was enthusiastically accepted.

Fire is not black and grey

disegno con demone e caprone per tatuaggio

Regarding the woman surrounded by flames, I explained that it wouldn’t work in black and grey because the effect of the flames would be lost. I showed him some colour images with flames and converted them to black and grey to demonstrate my point. This was enough to make him understand that it wasn’t a good idea.

I suggested some alternatives, including: the face of the woman surrounded by satanic hands, encircled by thorns, or inside a mouth full of sharp teeth. He opted for this last idea.

The Inverted Cross

However, there remained the issue of the black inverted cross on the forearm. This choice didn’t convince me for two reasons: first, being the most exposed part of the arm, a constantly visible inverted cross seemed too strong a statement (although, depending on the position of the arm, the cross could appear upright). Second, since the tattoo was in a realistic style, a simple black cross without decorations seemed like an artistic waste to me.

For this reason, I suggested representing it as a wound emanating light, like a sort of genetic mutation.

Unfortunately, this solution didn’t work out as we had hoped. Reflecting on how to improve the design, I realized that the only element missing in this satanic theme was the goat. So, I suggested adding a goat with an inverted cross on its forehead.

A Biomech Demon

dettaglio tatuaggio in bianco e nero

When it came to the demon, I suggested focusing primarily on the head, proposing that the horns also extend onto the chest and back. This choice allowed me to fill the entire arm with the demon’s figure, giving me the opportunity to add numerous details. I wanted to create an unusual and unsettling image, rich in organic elements.

During the creative process, I let myself be inspired, and some details in the demon’s head may evoke a biomechanical theme. Nonetheless, the final result remains undeniably original, just as I intended.

A Warrior

He liked the idea and I completed the design. The execution of the tattoo was relatively quick. During my career, I’ve noticed a change in clients’ pain tolerance. Initially, those who wanted a tattoo were willing to endure many hours of work to finish it quickly. Over time, this tolerance has decreased considerably. Fortunately, this was not the case with this client. He showed a pain tolerance that I had not seen in years, allowing me to complete the sleeve in just three sessions, plus a brief session for some final touch-ups.

Although I don’t share the chosen theme, I cannot deny the originality and satisfaction with the finished result, as unsettling as it is 😅

Below are photos of the process and videos of the design and finished tattoo.