Color tattoo tiger on knee, done in Singapore by Jerry Magni Tattoo artist one of the best tattoo artist from Italy. During my Guest spot in Singapore this guy asked for an “Old School” tiger. An unusual request considering that I don’t do that kind of work.
But here in Singapore the term “Old School” has got nothing to do with Traditional American tattoos as we know them in the West, here it refers to the style of comics.

Once having solved misunderstandings and having decided the tiger’s size and placement, I suggested preparing the design and scheduling the appointment the following day. Unfortunately the customer was only available on that particular day (it was a public holiday) or on Sunday, which was impossible since I was going to leave town that day.

There was no alternative so, after working on the design for approx. 4 hours and having dinner in order to prepare for the long session, we began working on this piece.

Over 5 hours of needles on the knee (one of the most painful areas), but he sat through with exemplary determination.
The picture is not great but it’s the best I could do with my phone.