Unique tattoo of a wolf with a paw becoming a tree and the tail becoming a wave of water. In the background a sunset where, between the clouds we see a few arrows. Beautifully done by Jerry Magni, Best tattoo artis, Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Lugano, Lombardy, ItalyThis client wanted to get a wolf, a tree, water and flowers. However, what she had in mind was something tribal and, besides not being in line with my current style, I didn’t find it attractive at all.

After a brief evaluation and after taking into consideration a number of possible solutions I came up with the idea of combining some elements turning the wolf’s paw into the base of a tree and its tail into a wave.

She really liked the idea and I find that the final result is very original. Definitely a lot better than a tribal.Full colour digital tattoo design. Wolf mixed with tree and water. petals, sunset, arrows, flowers, sun, clouds, yellow, orange, brown, Jerry magni, tattoo artist, milan, bergamo, italy, cartoon, comics, best artist.