Tatuaggi a colori con rose e farfalle sotto il seno. realizzato da Jerry magni, miglior tatuatore, italiano, Bergamo, Brescia, Lombardia, Milano, Varese, Como, Lecco.

Mars and Venus.

Most of my clients are male, partly due to the size of my pieces, uncommon among the fair sex, as are the most common themes of my tattoos, which tend to be quite aggressive and lately more and more biomechanical and generally more requested by men.

There was a time, however, when my clientele was equally divided, or even more female than male. A time when I drew and tattooed a lot of flowers, fairies and subjects far more requested by women.

As my portfolio filled itself with themes more suited to a request from the people of Mars, the requests from Venus decreased.

This doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to take those requests, on the contrary, but so be it, this is current trend.

Blast from the past

So having a client who wanted roses and butterflies was a bit like going back in time. It actually seems like years since I last tattooed a rose, and even more since the last butterfly.

In this case it was an underbust tattoo, a type of tattoo that, among the thousands I’ve done, I’ve done only a few times and, if I remember correctly, they date back to my time in Canada.

It was therefore a matter of creating a composition suitable for that area.

Luckily my mother has several flower beds full of roses, perfect for taking pictures and creating an original archive suitable for these requests, bypassing the usual images provided by search engines.

Does getting tattooed hurt?

It depends on the area, one’s pain tolerance and other totally individual variables, but if you decide to get an underbust tattoo it hurts, the area is very sensitive and women generally have thinner and more sensitive skin.

Therefore we had to divide the work into three sessions.

With patience and some teeth clenching we reached the final result, which you can see in this post.