Tatuaggio astratto a colori a mezza manica realizzato a mano libera. Il tatuaggio rappresenta una sorta di albero alieno con dei baccelli arancioni, include una piccola copertura; Realizzato dal miglior tatuatore italiano Jerry Magni, Bergamo, Milano, Monza, Lecco, Como, Varese, Brescia.

A forgotten tattoo.

While rearranging my portfolio I rediscovered this work from 2017, that was never posted on my website.
It must have been a particularly intense period and, overburdened by other tasks, I forgot to post it.

It may happen that I don’t include a work that doesn’t fully convince me on my website and/or portfolio then, looking at it some time later, ask myself what exactly didn’t convince me. These are the paradoxes of art.

Sometimes I’m proud of a piece I’ve just completed and after a while, thanks to the professional improvement acquired, I no longer find it so exciting.
Other times I’m not entirely satisfied with a work I’ve just completed and appreciate it more after some time.

I don’t remember having any doubts about this particular one, so I assume it was simple forgetfulness.

Vegetation and Cover-up

After four years it’s hard to remember exactly what this client asked for but, if my memory doesn’t fail me and by looking at the final result, it definitely had something to do with a sort of alien vegetation inspired by my biomechs and, as can be seen by the pictures, it included a small cover-up that luckily wasn’t difficult to fix given its small size.

The work was done freestyle, in other words I drew the design directly on the client’s arm with markers before starting to tattoo it.

After tracing the design and the lines, I took some time to study different colour variations to be submitted to the client, and once we found the colours we both liked we moved on to the next session.

The work required a total of 5 sessions, a bit too many considering the size, although the number of sessions really depends on the level of detail and the client’s resistance.

Resistance that I have seen considerably drop over the years; I have an explanation for this but I’ll save it for another post or video.

The final pictures were taken during the last session. Given the distance (the client came directly from Turin) and the successful result, it didn’t seem right to ask him to drive for hours just for a few minutes of photo session 😀


Below you can find pictures of the creative process and a video of the finished piece.