I have decided to rework my style with regard to biomechanics, I have also invested time in the basic use of 3D softwares to provide an effective demonstration of the final work. Given my passion for biomechanics, unlike my other designs I have created this work and others without waiting for a buyer so they are now looking for an owner.

This work is inspired by an idea I had long ago for a tattoo for me.
The inevitable destiny of the human being makes us a sort of biodegradable product that, once having served its purpose, will return to the natural cycle. One way or another we will basically be recycled. How could I translate this concept into a biomechanical?
Flames and mechanical parts that bend due to high temperatures were the first idea that came to mind and this is the result. The recycling logo is a graphic addition that can eventually be edited or deleted.

If you like it or have any suggestions please leave a comment. If you are interested in getting this piece please contact me immediately 😉