Markus Lenhard, also known as Lux Altera, is a tattoo artist who works in Berlin. In the tattoo industry, Markus has gained a leading role in the challenging field of biomechs. In this niche genre, that too often tends to repeat itself, Markus has brought a very personal, unique and innovative vision. He inspires many young tattoo artists fans of this genre and even veterans find stimulating sources of inspiration in his work.

I discovered Markus’ work about 8/9 years ago thanks to his famous “Wing” piece. 

As a fan of the genre I started following him on social media, and after a few years I decided to contact him in order to get a tattoo from him. After almost 3 years getting the old tattoos on my arm removed, 3 years ago we finally started my sleeve. Now we have carried on with the leg with the aim of completing a project that will take up half of my body.

During one of the tattoo sessions I decided to ask him a few questions for you, this resulted in an interesting hour long interview which you can listen to in the audio file here below.

Enjoy 🙂