POSEIDONE II - 2The first session for this sleeve didn’t look very promising. In the morning I outlined the basic lines of the design without any problem, but in the afternoon, when I started colouring, the girl couldn’t stand the pain. I don’t know if she had eaten something that may have altered her resistance, but I had to face many interruptions until we finally decided to stop and postpone everything to the next sitting. In spite of everything she stood for about 4:30 hours but the afternoon was definitely not as productive as the morning.

Luckily, in the second sitting everything went well, her pain tolerance was back to normal. I still wonder if there are foods that can increase or decrease the production of endorphins, I bet there are and I definitely have to do some research in this regard 😀
But, not having had the opportunity to proceed in an orderly fashion during the first sitting, I had to resume a lot of the work done, plus I hadn’t considered the amount of details and numerous suckers that I have drawn on this octopus and that took longer than expected . Despite the 5:30 hours of this second sitting, the underwater octopus is not finished yet. Very little was missing, no more than half an hour, but the memory of the previous sitting made the client want to stop early, however, I remain confident about the upcoming sittings 😉