NETTUNOThis client travelled especially from Croatia, he underwent two series of consecutive sittings without flinching, the first one of 3 days (15 hours in 3 days) and the second one of 2 days (10:30 hours in 2 days); a persistency and determination that many people don’t have even for short sittings.

These are the pictures of the second series of sittings. On the first day I dedicated myself to the ship, to the wave from which Poseidon emerges and to Poseidon himself. A sitting of approximately 6:30 hours. This area would have required some extra work but working on it longer or postponing part of the work to the following day would have damaged the skin and put at risk the work done the day before, besides making it more painful. For this reason we have taken into account that some touch-ups will be needed once the tattoo is healed. The second day was more relaxing: in approximately 2 hours I did the sea serpent and after lunch I dedicated a couple of hours to finishing off the upper arm done about one month ago.

Now I can’t wait to see it healed and do the last touch-ups.
So far we have reached a total of 5 sittings and approximately 25 hours of work.