OBSESSION (Freehand)

The initial aim of this work, started in May 2013, was to do a biomechanical on the shoulder blade that would cover an old tattoo, or rather, the goal wasn’t exactly a cover-up. The old tattoo may have been unattractive and dated but despite this the client didn’t mind if it was still slightly visible, which is why I incorporated it in the “glowing” sphere at the center of the tattoo. This first phase took three sittings.
This year he returned asking me to do a face with an obsessed expression (hence the title) that had to be a continuation of the previous biomechanical, to which he wanted to add a carnation. To balance out the design I decided to add two carnations instead of one. I was hesitant about adding flowers to a biomechanical theme and I was pretty skeptical even after the work was finished.
Looking back at the pictures after a few days I have to admit that, as unusual as it may be, I like the end result.