“We choose our next world through what we learn in this one.
Learn nothing, and the next world is the same as this one,
all the same limitations and lead weights to overcome.”

Richard Bach 


There’s been a time in my life, more precisely between 1998 and 2001, where I found myself, almost by chance, dealing with graphic and web design. The popularity of websites peaked around 1997 and I decided to learn HTML language to create my own website, apparently it turned out so good that it attracted clients who were not asking me for illustrations, comics or tattoos but websites, logos and coordinated images. For some years that was basically my main occupation. Even if this has little to do with tattoos, it’s part of my career and of a cultural baggage that has contributed to my professional growth.
Therefore, I’ll show you a brief collection of logos and websites made during that time.
The logos are part of more elaborate coordinated images that I’m not going to show you because I think that very few would be interested in headed paper, business cards, invoice forms and/or the like.
All websites have been created in Flash. It was particularly popular during those years and even if today they may seem common and naive, at the time, among websites which were static they made a pretty good impression. I don’t know how long Flash is going to survive, but while it works…

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The websites listed below have all been created between 1998 and 2002 with Flash 4 or 5! Even if some of them are still working, they have changed format for obvious reasons. What you see here is what I have kept for my records. All the rights of the trademarks and animations remain property of the respective owners.

I have updated it until 2012, but the enormous popularity of tablets and of smart phones, that unfortunately don’t support Flash, has lead me to a change of platform.
was a microsite created for a non-profit campaign. I don’t exactly agree with its philosophy but it was fun to design.
is a short film rather than a website, which I created in Flash in 2000. Later I created the website with the never maintained intention of developing the short film. The ambitious idea was that of reaching 30 minutes of animation. A bit too much for just one person.
is the very last commercial website I created. If I remember correctly it was around 2002 or the beginning of 2003.
is a project that was born on 2002 almost for fun. The guys at C.A.R.D. asked me to create an hypothetical successor of the Alfa Romeo Duetto. I accepted and the result was appreciated so much that we decided to create a website out of it.
the website of the club dedicated to this Alfa model is still online since 2002. Each section can be dynamically updated by the user. When it came out it obtained many reviews on specialized magazines and many prizes.
link to the prehistoric version of my website. Forgotten for years until 2012, when I felt the need to freshen it up to merge my online presence with this new version.
was created at the end of 2001. It has a very peculiar interface, maybe not entirely user-friendly but I still find it fun today.
falshpointFLASH POINT
was a navigation experiment for the hypothetical website of an agency I was thinking of opening during the website boom.
was fun not so much for the website, as for the work for the coordinated image based on a comic book character. A clone of Catwoman of which you can find a few examples under “Paper”.
thanks to Flash animations, allowed users to get an immediate idea of the offered product.
was characterized by a game to entertain the user in each area. But who had commissioned me the work had thought about the games without first making sure that they were feasible. Today they may seem ridiculous, but back in the year 2000 they weren’t so common.
was born with the intention of being my personal website. Simple, fast, immediate and fun. Then, together with a fellow art director, we decided to turn it into something bigger. If Flash didn’t have the limits it has, I would probably start using it again immediately.
was one of the first Italian realities of online teaching. This very short video was the introduction to their website. An important concept made usable in a simple way.
was made in collaboration with Maestro Damiano Rota. The aim was that of creating a sort of online ad that could also be viewed using a 56K connection. Now, with broad band connection, it probably runs too fast. 🙂
was one of the first websites I made in Flash. It was 1998 and the software (Macromedia at the time) was probably at its 2nd or 3rd version. It received a couple of prizes and from then on the requests for websites made in Flash started flowing in.
was an experiment made in 1998 for my personal website. The aim was that of introducing myself, without too many words, in a brief, almost subliminal way. It received a few prizes and the attention of potential clients, that I was not even looking for, not for the creation of websites anyway.
vm maglie 3am
mazzo mototronko oasi
soft zio magni
intarsi fontana evoltech
eadit c12 maeco

Between 1997 and 2002 I created a series of font families, some were thought as fonts for text and titles for my comics, others were made for various graphic projects, others just for the fun of having a personal collection of fonts.
In the panel below you can see my collection, soon available in my shop.
Click on the font name to see the desired font and on the side buttons to change the style.

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