This guy from Las Vegas wanted Archangel Michael on his arm. He showed up with a print of the classical version by Guido Reni but I suggested a re-interpretation of the same image, obviously with no intention of putting myself on the same level of the historic master, in order to make it unique, considering that that image has been copied and reproduced thousands of times. He immediately agreed with me, so all we had to do was book the appointment and I had to schedule some days to work on my personal version of the painting.
In my drawing I kept all the elements from the original painting, changing the sword with a spear (inspired by other paintings and sculptures of the same subject) and trying to give it a more modern dynamic.
What I particularly like in this work are the lights rising from the ground. A work I drew and tattooed with pleasure and that I would have liked doing bigger, maybe on a back, in order to work better on details, especially on the faces.
I hope I’ll have the chance to take some pictures when healed.