What the client wanted to represent in this piece were the four elements (earth, water, air and fire) and his origins symbolized by the Verrone Tower, whose number of windows also correspond to the number of his family members. The lightning strikes and rough seas represent the adversities in life. Finally, the dragon has a double meaning: it represents protection and at the same time unforeseen events. In fact the dragon wasn’t part of the initial project, a project which, by the way, didn’t convince me and I wasn’t even sure I was going to include it in my portfolio. The work should have been restricted to the volcano, the tower on the cliff, the stormy sea and to the smoke and lightning. The composition, however, left the back of the calf quite empty. In this regard, I had suggested adding an element in that area more than once but it was all in vain, according to the client it was fine just as it was. Only during the second-to-last session did he realize that leaving that area empty would have been wasteful so he asked me to add the dragon. Better late than never, although part of the wings and legs ended up overlapping with areas that had already been tattooed. Too bad he didn’t listen to me right from the start. I would have definitely arranged the work differently and in a much better way.