Zeus Wrath tattoo sleeve- La furia di Zeus tattoo

When a client chooses me it’s already a pleasure. When that clients travels miles for my work it’s even more rewarding and flattering, if he travels over 1000 kilometres for my art, well, there are no words. I’ve had several clients who have travelled thousands of miles to get my work and it’s an enriching experience each and every time.

This guy travelled from Northern Germany and initially wanted Mount Olympus, a Mayan pyramid, clouds and planets and other elements I don’t remember right now. After discussing the project in detail, the final theme was, as you can see in the pictures, Mount Olympus surrounded by a stormy sea, and above the clouds and universe where a furious Zeus is throwing his thunderbolt.

The meaning of this work is quite complicated, and in some ways, it’s not entirely clear even to me 😀
But to sum it up, it represents the human path to knowledge and evolution.
Water is where it all starts, life develops thanks to water, without it there’s no life, humanity came from there too. Then humans started building things and imagining gods to explain the phenomena they couldn’t understand and later discovered that there is something else above, the universe precisely.

Zeus' Wrath tattoo sleeve 2nd sitting - La furia di Zeus 2a sedutaSo they started asking themselves new questions, until they developed science and technology, represented in an utterly fortuitous way by the graphic decoration that closes the tattoo around the shoulder. In fact, without the knowledge of numbers and mathematics it is impossible to create geometry, the same numbers that are the basis of every modern  technology.

In addition to the trip, this guy faced two or three sessions in a row each time to complete this work, a remarkable effort that is worth all of my esteem. And I can also see a bit of karma in action since I’m doing the exact same thing in Germany 😀

Jerry Magni Cat style tattoo

For the last session we had planned two days of work, but we completed the piece in just one day.
So, to save time on the next project, he decided to start immediately with this black and white cat on his back, which is nothing but the reproduction of one of my paintings and that will be a sort of transition between this arm and the other one, that will be done in black and grey.

It’s been years since I last tattooed one of my cats and I kind of missed it.
Now I can’t wait to complete it and start the new tattoo on the other arm, even though I don’t know when that will be yet 😀


Look at the pictures and video of the working process below.
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