The quality standards of the work shown on this website cannot be achieved in a single session (except in the case of small tattoos), these pieces require various stages of processing, which can only be achieved in multiple sessions.

If you want a large original piece from me and want to get the most out of it in a shorter amount time, I suggest you ask me for a black and grey piece.

The planning of work of this size requires a preliminary consultation meeting in order to discuss the various elements to be included, size, style, colours and the study of a design capable of conveying your meanings, story or concept before being able to provide a proper quote.

Estimating how long it will take in advance is almost impossible, at least till the design is completed; only then will I be able to give you a proper estimate. In addition, a tattoo has different variables: skin type, pain tolerance, ability to stand still during sessions etc. All factors I can’t predict before I start working on the project.

However, I have the necessary experience to be able to provide you with some general guidelines before we start.

The process consists of five stages:


I discuss new project and book appointments every Saturday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm (CET).

The meeting is not binding and is free of charge.

A meeting cannot always be arranged because many of my clients come from far away, but I have the necessary experience to plan and estimate work via video call (Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp etc.)

The duration of the consultation is set to one hour per client. This is generally the time needed to draw up a project draft and discuss its details.

The scope of the meeting is to listen to your idea, discuss subjects, colours, size, meanings and everything that you think is important for your tattoo. I will provide stimuli, inspiration, information and ideas to better develop your project, evaluate its technical and artistic aspects, time management, costs, health aspects etc.

If there isn’t enough time you can schedule a new appointment.

In case we don’t find the right idea right away, I’ll take the time to think it over and get back to you offering various alternatives. Inspiration sometimes comes when we least expect it.

You can request an appointment by filling out the form on the Contact page.

Describe your idea in detail, possibly indicating which piece in my portfolio inspired you the most.


Once we find an idea we’re both happy with, I will take measurements and outline the composition to illustrate how the elements will be positioned; in some cases you will be shown some images to give you a clearer picture of ​​what your tattoo will look like.

The drawing process will then take place in private. You will be updated via WhatsApp or email every step of the way, from the initial sketch up to the final colouring. This will make you take part in the process and you can check that everything is exactly the way you want it.

The drawing process can take a few days up to a couple of weeks, depending on size, amount of details, style, level of definition, colours etc.


Once the design has been approved we will evaluate the final size of the stencil to verify that it fits the area to be tattooed and that it flows with your body. If everything is as it should be I will proceed with the application of the stencil.

I will then do an outline in grey – a sort of pencil drawing on skin – to fix the design and define it in the following sessions, or possibly during the same session.

In some cases I may decide to do the outline directly in black, in other cases I may decide to complete small areas of the tattoo. This is a technical decision I will take based on the type of work required.

Please do not expect me to work in a way other than the one deemed suitable for the project. I have the necessary experience and expertise to do an excellent job.

For those coming from abroad or from far away, given the impossibility to try on the stencil in advance, it would be better for you to stop for a couple of days so that we can dedicate the first day to measurements, correct stencil placement and potential modifications of the same, in order to dedicate the second day to the outline.


This stage will be dedicated to chiaroscuro (black and grey) in order to lay the foundations for the colours and details.

This step is not always necessary, in some cases I may jump directly to the next stage.


Finally, I will proceed with colour, completing the various aspects of the piece one element at a time.

Should you wish to cover large areas in a short amount of time I suggest you book multiple sessions (2/3 days in a row). It might seem brutal, but thanks to my method and the relaxed environment my studio offers I’ve managed to complete large pieces in a very short amount of time.

In recent years I’ve worked almost exclusively on large-scale pieces, enabling me to draw up a strategy that ensures a high level of quality and detail without compromising the final result.


It is totally normal and legitimate for a client to have high expectations, but so do I:

• I won’t start a work if I can’t finish it.

• I won’t take shortcuts that may compromise the quality and longevity of the work.

New clients can contact me through the form found on the Contact page.

Address and telephone number are not provided on this site for the reasons listed in the About section.

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